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10 Elite Cooking Tips Top Chefs Swear By

July 2019Words by Mr Ben Olsen

Carousel, London. All photographs courtesy of Carousel

For most business owners, a revolving door of top talent coming and going might be a sign that something’s not right. Not so at London restaurant Carousel, whose founders, Messrs Ollie, Ed and Will and Ms Anna Templeton, have designed their business model around exactly that concept. Their 50-cover restaurant in Marylebone is kept fresh with a series of two-week residencies, during which talented chefs from around the world are invited to work alongside the Templetons in the kitchen.

Over the course of five years (it celebrates its fifth birthday in August), about 150 chefs have passed through Carousel’s doors, sharing techniques, ingredients and ideas that have left a lasting impact. We asked chef Mr Ollie Templeton for some of the top tips he’s picked up so far. 

Mr Niklas Ekstedt