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Five Anime Shows To Watch On Netflix Now

1 week agoWords by The Daily Team

All images courtesy of Netflix

Anime might be Japanese, but, a little bit like people KonMari-ing their wardrobes, it’s a global pursuit. And whether you’re already a fully-fledged otaku or a total anime novice, there’s good news: Netflix is amplifying its anime offering and is launching a host of original content to cater to its increasingly diverse audience.

It’s been a long time coming. Anime might still be in the process or shaking off its nerds-only reputation (see the multiple “why are anime fans so weird?” threads on Reddit), but after Mr Kanye West’s obsession with Akira or Ghost In The Shell’s trajectory to Hollywood in 2017, anime’s transition from cult to mainstream is happening, and Netflix is placing its bets accordingly. “Netflix aims to be the most compelling and attractive home for anime fans, creators and production studios,” said Mr Jonathan Derderian, Netflix’s Japanese director of content, in a press release. “We are creating an environment where production houses can do their best work, and deliver their shows on a service where we connect anime fans from over 190 countries to content they love.”

The platform has some exciting shows in the pipeline, including an upcoming Ghost In The Shell sequel, SAC_2045, and a rebooted take on the popular 1990s manga series Spriggan, both slated for release in 2020. Until then, though, here are five of Netflix’s finest original anime releases to help get your otaku on.