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Five Holidays You Won’t Be Showing Off On Instagram

1 week agoWords by Mr Jonathan Thompson

Sea plane arrival at Amanwana, Indonesia. Photograph courtesy of Aman

From hot-dog legs to “pinching” a landmark with the thumb and forefinger from distance, Instagram holiday shots have long been a vainglorious sub-genre, veering from the banal to the downright bothersome. But now things are getting (more) ridiculous. Last month, the Californian town of Lake Elsinore was brought to a standstill when more than 100,000 visitors descended on the area, attempting to take pictures of a poppy “super bloom”. As a result, traffic came to a halt, the mayor got involved and an entire canyon was closed.

This kind of manic, likes-seeking behaviour defeats the very essence of holidaymaking – namely to relax, recharge and rejuvenate in a congenial context. Don’t make the same mistake yourself this summer. Instead, lock your phone in the hotel safe and engage with your surroundings without a head full of hashtags. Then, watch your stress levels sink and your mental resilience simultaneously rise.

To streamline this process, MR PORTER has unearthed five of the best anti-Instagram destinations to get you started, all without a selfie stick in sight.