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Five Looks To Copy From Iconic Summer Movies

June 2019Words by Mr Christian Allaire

Mr Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). Photograph by Paramount/Allstar Picture Library

Summer’s officially arrived and, if you’re anything like us, dressing for the sweltering temperature can come with serious challenges. With winter layers officially stored in the back of the wardrobe, wearing as little clothes as possible is the new mission – and achieving a sleek look with fewer pieces is incredibly more difficult. Luckily, the silver screen is always here to inspire and there’s a number of classic summer movies that have ideal fits outfits to replicate these next few months.

Whether your style is classic and timeless in feel, or bolder and more graphic, these five flicks have a style mandate to fit every personality. Better yet, the aesthetics of these iconic characters are completely laid out for you below, so you barely have to do any thinking. Just pick a fictional gent and copy their ensemble from head to toe. Consider it the lazy man’s guide to dressing.