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Five Podcasts We’re Listening To Right Now

February 2019Mr Porter

Mr Will Young and Mr Christopher Sweeney from Homo Sapiens. Photograph courtesy of Homo Sapiens Podcast

If you’re anything like us, you will have long tired of trying to get through the mountainous pile of books you got for Christmas, and are looking to slip back into your minor podcast addiction. Less taxing than actually picking up a book and turning its pages, but seemingly just as mentally nourishing, a podcast is the perfect guilt-free way to pass the time on the Tube or zoning out at work. Below, the MR PORTER team discuss what’s currently on their smartphones.

Caliphate (The New York Times)

Members of Isis practise their beheading skills on gelatin-filled dolls. It is revelations like this, delivered at lightning pace with deep psychological insights by New York Times journalist Ms Rukmini Callimachi as she interviews a Canadian former jihadi Mr Abu Huzaifa, that make this 10 episode podcast so compelling. It is an astonishing piece of magazine journalism rendered into podcast form.

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