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Five Spring Grooming Hacks You Need To Know

April 2019Words by Mr Gregory Allen

The shifting seasons present a time of change – it is called “spring cleaning” for a reason. While you might be down with applying the KonMari method to your closet, it’s also a good idea to “spark joy” by bulldozing through the contents of your bathroom cabinet. Even though certain concoctions can be easily culled if they are out of date, the winter-to-spring move requires a more careful eye, one mindful of the skin’s needs in the new season.

Instead of the stripping winds and dehydrating cold of the winter months, where creams and oils felt necessary, we have balmy weather and a scorching sun to contend with (wishful thinking from the MR PORTER HQ in dreary London, perhaps, but we digress). But, just as you’d make change to your wardrobe, your grooming products also need to be adjusted accordingly – lighter, breathable and conscious of a little extra perspiration. With that in mind, here are five springtime grooming hacks to try this season.