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Five Things The MR PORTER Staff Want This Week

April 2019Words by Mr Tom Parr, Head of Sales, MR PORTER

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

Transitioning between spring and summer can be a tricky affair. I am an eternal optimist and hope (pray) the sun is going to come out each day at this time of year. There is nothing better than city life in the sun. However, being a realist about the British weather, I usually leave the house with at least one extra layer to cover all eventualities. The rest, I leave in the hands of the sun gods. With this in mind, here are five things on my Wish List.


Garrett Leight California Optical
Kinney 49 D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

I’m getting ready for the sun with these Garrett Leight sunglasses. This Kinney style suits all face shapes and the butterscotch colour is unusual, which I like. This brand has been instilling Californian cool into eyewear for a while now and long may it continue.