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Five Wild Grooming Trends To Attempt If You Dare

1 week agoWords by Messrs Ashley Clarke and Anish Patel

Tyler, The Creator, New York, 2018. Photograph by Ms Kristina Bumphrey/ Shutterstock

Sometimes, adhering to a grooming trend demands more commitment than getting dressed. You can take off those ironically ugly dad sneakers if you don’t want to wear them anymore, but it’s much harder to, say, wash the leopard-print dye off your head, or grow your leg hair back after shaving it all off. Still, we don’t make the rules. For better or worse, there are some peculiar hair and body trends doing the rounds at the moment in the wild world of male fashion and celebrity. From legs as smooth as boiled eggs to hair that looks as though it’s been stained with a bag of Skittles, here are the grooming trends that we’re daring you to try this year. Don’t tweet us when you do.


Mr Kanye West, Calabasas, 2019. Photograph by Backgrid