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How Japanese Label Auralee Nails Casual Style

6 days agoWords by Mr Ashley Clarke

Photography by Mr Phil Dunlop. Illustrations by Mr Tishk Barzanji. Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

Auralee has an eye for brilliant fabric. The brand was founded by fashion designer Mr Ryota Iwai in 2015, and has built a reputation for creating relaxed clothing in muted colours that is marked by an incredible commitment to the materials it uses.

Tightly woven wools, satin georgettes, crinkly linens and cloudy cottons are used to make clothes that are relaxed in silhouette, and come in an ice-cream shop spectrum of colours. Usually we’d sniff at apricot and pistachio as pretentious ways to describe clothes that were pale orange or green, but for Auralee, they somehow feel right.

“For this season, we adopted light colour especially a lot of pale tones,” said Mr Iwai. “We expanded the collection with the balance of variety, using classic patterns and old-fashioned colours, but on the other hand, the material is modern.”