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How To Stop Wasting Time

6 days agoWords by Mr Ian Hsieh

Illustration by Mr Adam Nickel

If you’ve ever wished you had a silver DeLorean – replete with flux capacitor, a plutonium-powered nuclear reactor and a natty number plate that reads “OUTATIME” – you’re not the only one. Whether you went to the gym ready to smash your PBs only to wind up in the sauna, or spent the whole evening scrolling through Netflix in an effort to decide what to watch instead of, well, watching it, we’ve all wanted to accelerate to 88 and retrieve that precious, lost time that could have been spent more wisely.

According to Mr James Wallman, author of new book Time And How To Spend It, knowing how to concentrate on the fulfilling things in life has become nigh-on impossible, mostly thanks to our always-on, always-there devices, and a thoroughly baked-in culture that prioritises work over leisure. “Frighteningly, almost all of us – 96 per cent, in fact – admit to living much of our lives on ‘autopilot’, doing things without even thinking whether they’ll be good or bad for us,” he writes. And if we all continue behaving like drones for the entirety of our lives? Well, that’s like winning the lottery and only taking some of the winnings.

The book promises to help you view time, and the time you have, in a new light. Stop sinking it on those empty experiences with this advice from Mr Wallman and start filling your free hours with ones that enrich, instead.