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How Vitamin C Can Upgrade Your Grooming Regime

1 week agoWords by Mr Lee Kynaston

Vitamin C’s prowess extends well beyond perking us up when we’re below par via an effervescent tablet. It is also one of the most important vitamins in the manufacture of strong, healthy skin.

As well as helping to neutralise free radicals (unstable skin-ageing molecules created by sunlight, smoking and pollution), vitamin C helps to minimise uneven pigmentation and age spots caused by UV light, may help reduce scarring and has an exfoliative effect, which can improve the overall texture of the skin. Deprive your skin of vitamin C and it will quickly start to look tired, rough and bumpy.

But it’s vitamin C’s role in boosting the production of collagen, the stuff that gives skin its tensile strength and keeps it looking firm and youthful, that has made it a must-have ingredient in premium anti-ageing skincare. Dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone describes it as “a superstar in the pantheon of antioxidant age fighters”. Here, then, are the vit C essentials every man should have in his grooming armoury.