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In Flight: Aer Lingus Business Takes Off

April 2019Words by Mr Samuel Muston

New Business Class cabin, Aer Lingus. Photograph courtesy of Aer Lingus

There are many things to recommend Aer Lingus to the world-weary traveller. Its jolly, smiling staff and its newly remodelled business-class compartment are but two of them, but there is something still greater about it. Travellers flying from Europe to New York can make a pit-stop in Dublin or Shannon and do all the US immigration checks there, which means you can land at JFK and walk straight out to your car, which, as regular travellers will know, is something of a deliverance. We climbed aboard.


Flying out of Heathrow’s terminal 2 is a bit like winning the Heathrow lottery. It is new and shiny and has the odd nice restaurant, which you might have to call on, because the Aer Lingus lounge, although very comfortable with showers and a fully stocked bar of Guinness, red and white wine and soft drinks, is not long on food – mostly just small snacks, cheese and crackers and the like. And because you don’t have access to the full terminal at Dublin, the situation there is much the same.