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Introducing: The New Tennis Gear Worn By Sir Andy Murray

June 2019Words by Mr Jim Merrett

Sir Andy Murray in the Castore Tennis Collection at The Queen’s Club, London, June 2019. Photograph by Mr Ross Woodhall, courtesy of Castore

The sportwear industry is, as you would expect, a competitive field. With the difference between victory or defeat increasingly reduced to marginal gains, every aspect of an athlete’s game comes under close scrutiny and, alongside fitness, training, diet and psychology, what they wear is brought into even sharper focus. On top of that, big sports brands have been plying their trade for decades – not only refining their output, but developing a relationship with both sportsmen and women and, crucially, consumers. Building a sports brand from the ground up, and cutting through the noise, is no mean feat.

Of course, turned on its head, being a newcomer means rocking up free from dogma, being fast and agile, having to – out of necessity – shake things up. This is very much the route that entrepreneurial brothers Messrs Tom and Phil Beahon took when setting up Castore three years ago. Both coming from an athletics background, the pair tapped into the latest technical innovations to produce a luxury sporting line that effectively gave the wearer a head start.

The motto of the brand is “Better never stops”, and the brothers show no signs of doing so. Branching out into a new field – or, in this case, court – Castore unleashes its first tennis collection this summer, exclusively available on MR PORTER. Rather than to cockily presume that it knows best, the brand has done so by consulting one of the foremost names in the sport over the past decade, and one you might have heard of. Not just enlisted behind the scenes for his intimate knowledge of tennis (he’s a board advisor to the brand), Sir Andy Murray will play the role of ambassador, having announced a deal to wear Castore both on and off the court.