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Luxury T-Shirts That Are Worth The Investment

June 2019Words by The Daily Team

Unless you’re a member of a Saudi Arabian dynasty or earning a Premier League footballer’s salary, you might wonder why anyone would wish to spend hundreds of pounds on a T-shirt. By their nature, T-shirts are rather unremarkable things, and unless you have a predilection for the loud, graphic variety, they aren’t necessarily supposed to turn heads or spark conversations. They’re not built for special occasions or seen as a mark of sophistication. They are, in clothing terms, the diametric opposite of a tailor-made suit or a vintage Rolex. Put simply, the humble tee is a basic.

Yet it’s for this very reason that we wear them so often. It’s rare that you’ll go through the day without slipping one on (even if it’s just before getting into bed). And if your job allows you to wear them to the office, they most likely make up your everyday uniform. What’s more, 21st-century society has relaxed its dress codes to the extent that it is hard to find somewhere that would frown upon the wearing of such a casual item.

With this in mind, investing hundreds of pounds in something you’re going to wear next to your skin so much starts to make sense. Especially if it is going to make you happy. And, much like, say, a pair of leather shoes (which you wouldn’t question investing so heavily in), not all T-shirts are built the same.