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Mr Elias El-indari’s Eid Wish List

5 days agoWords by Mr Elias El-indari

With the Holy Month of Ramadan underway, a period of self-reflection, fasting and prayer begins for many. I live in Dubai, and, in a country such as the United Arab Emirates, the month-long journey not only encourages believers, but people of all faiths to practise patience, humility, forgiveness and compassion.

Each day of fasting ends with a feast, or iftar, celebrated among family and friends. Before we all know it, Ramadan will come to an end, Eid will be celebrated and many will begin heading out on their summer vacations.

As a luxury content creator, I have a passion for clothes and, when MR PORTER asked me to choose seven items I would want to receive after Ramadan, I was all too happy to oblige. From potential gift ideas to outfit inspirations, this curated list will have you covered on all fronts when Eid arrives.