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Staff Picks: Five Things We Want This Week

1 week agoWords by Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti, Art Director, MR PORTER

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

Hello, my name is Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti and I am a shopaholic. Before I joined MR PORTER, almost eight years ago, I used to buy mainly high-street products. I would wear them for a season (or a lot of the time I would wear them just once) and I would forget about them. MR PORTER changed the way I shop and the way I look at clothes: I now choose what I buy more carefully, selecting products that are long-lasting and less fashion driven, clothes that are sustainable and that have a story that I agree with or cherish. I am still a shopaholic, of course. My Wish List contains 109 things I would like to buy. But below you can find my favourite five things at the moment.

The jacket

Iris Shell Jacket