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Staff Picks: Our Five Favourite Things This Week

1 week agoWords by Mr Adam Welch, Editorial Director, MR PORTER

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

There are murmurs going around the office at the moment that the next big thing is going to be tailoring or, rather, various variations on that theme. Personally, though I’m still in the middle of the current thing, that is, workwear and denim and all things folksy and thrift-y, particularly as I rifle through the new arrivals on MR PORTER this week. (Needles! Wacko Maria! AMBUSH®!) Here are my favourite five pieces from that selection and how to wear them – forgive me if I haven’t moved on.

The Jacket

Denim Chore Jacket

LA’s BILLY does a great line in worn-in workwear, exemplified by this jacket, which, with its vintage-inspired design and washed denim, needn’t be a chore, if you know what I mean.