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Staff Picks: What Our US Editor Is Wearing To The Hamptons

August 2019Words by Mr Chris Wallace

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

Going away for a weekend in the summer is a real trial on your wardrobe and packing skills. No matter how far in advance you’ve received the invitation for a wedding, a stay with friends or, in my case, a weekend with tennis pros at the Hamptons Summer Classic, the day suddenly creeps up on you and you are scrambling back through emails for dress codes, itineraries and schedules. That’s even before you’ve begun to contemplate the weather, transportation, where to eat, what to drink – you know, the really important stuff. Thankfully, MR PORTER offers same-day delivery throughout the Hamptons all summer, so I can show up looking like I’ve planned much better than I really have.

Evening cocktails

Dries Van Noten
Camp-Collar Tie-Dyed Satin-Twill Shirt
Manny Tapered Pleated Linen Trousers

There’ll be a fairly casual soirée on the beach on Friday night, but, you know, I’m sort of working, so I’ll need to be a bit more polished than the surfers in their Baja hoodies. My go-to in these situations is always a jazzy camp-collar shirt (usually by Dries Van Noten), linen trousers and slip-on sneakers.