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Staff Picks: Where We Are Going On Holiday This Spring

March 2019Words by Mr Samuel Muston

Ocean House, Rhode Island; photograph courtesy of Ocean House. Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry

We have nearly arrived at the most wonderful time of year, that time when the sun shines and we start to think about how and where and when we will escape from the office. The world is our oyster and to help you shuck the juicy bit from the shell, we asked the MR PORTER staff to tell us where they are going on their next trip.

Photograph courtesy of Amanpuri

Some three decades ago, the Aman hotel group came into being on a small Thai peninsula and I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased. From Venice to Tokyo, there are now 34 of them dotted around the world, each wholly different in style and design and location but united in one simple way: they are the best. Top of the Aman pops for me will always be Amanpuri, the first and flagship, which sits like a glistening siren on the beaches of Phuket. It has everything you could ever want and expect and has just now got a new wellness centre, which offers lots of health-giving medical services that range from IV drips to cryotherapy, so I intend to leave with a tan and a god-like feeling of wellbeing, too.