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The Insider’s Guidebook To The World’s Most Interesting Menswear Shops

6 days agoWords by Mr Ashley Clarke

The workshop of AW Bauer. Photograph courtesy of AW Bauer

As far as shopping goes, the internet is a wonderful place (it birthed MR PORTER, after all). But even we must admit that there is a singular pleasure in finding a bricks-and-mortar establishment that makes inimitable clothes. Finding the right places to go, however, is a mission in itself.

For Mr Simon Crompton, menswear expert and founder of Permanent Style, scouring the globe for menswear’s hidden gems was something he felt worth documenting in a book, and so wrote The Sartorial Travel Guide. Featuring in-depth shopping guides to the best menswear in 10 major cities from New York to Tokyo (plus useful briefs on 15 others), the book will be a valuable resource for menswear aficionados.

“I felt it was important because there are a lot of really great independent menswear stores at the moment that were set up in the past five to 10 years, but quite a few of them are only known by people who are enthusiasts or obsessives,” Mr Crompton tells us. “They don’t often get the attention they deserve, and while they might have a dedicated following, they don’t have the budget to do broad advertising or promotion. I put together the book which for somebody who’s a very international guy who cares about his clothing there are these places to go while he’s travelling.”