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The No-Nonsense Grooming Guide

August 2019Words by Mr Gregory Allen

Illustration by Mr Joe Mckendry

The past few years have been ones of complete excess: Mr Harry Styles’ tour outfits (thanks, Gucci), Mr Jason Momoa’s beard (RIP) and Mr Chris Hemsworth’s luxury sunburn solution (using his wife’s £320 La Mer moisturiser and thus, landing himself in the doghouse). More is more at the moment, and it’s a philosophy that the world of grooming has taken in stride. Who even are you if you don’t have a 10-step, K-beauty-inspired skincare routine?

It’s been intense, which is perhaps why the world seems to be kicking off its velvet slippers in favour of something a little easier. Minimalism is back. Call it the Ms Marie Kondo effect, an annual summer strip down, or a step towards sustainability – in 2019 we’re all looking to calm and consolidate our lives, and our grooming routines along the way. After all, if something doesn’t spark joy, it’s got to go.

Yes, this applies to your skin situation, with the hashtag #skincarediets one of summer’s biggest social stirs. Honestly, who has the time for 10 steps, let alone four? Surely, a good bit of polishing, nourishing and moisturising is all we need, right?