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The Quiet Appeal Of Understated Brands

June 2019Words by Ms Grace Cook

Pitti, June 2017. Photograph by Mr Daniel Bruno Grandl

Consider the unsung heroes of your wardrobe. From a cotton button-up shirt that is just the right side of oversized to a brushed canvas chore jacket that can be worn three out of four seasons per year, or even just the perfect white tee.

Of course, there are pieces in all of our wardrobes that demand more attention and require more consideration in the styling department – and which likely garner more compliments than their more understated counterparts by virtue of being noticeable. But your true sartorial allies are the ones that you throw on and head out of the house in without a second thought.

As the streetwear scene continuously gathers pace (and, arguably, hogs the limelight, too), there are certain brands that have been silently refining their fits to offer silhouettes that focus on craftsmanship and details over hype. Take British brand Folk’s black cotton-twill trousers, for example, which are cropped at the hem just so and have zipped poplin back pockets for a subtle textural contrast. Or Séfr’s checked woven shirt jacket, that is smarter than the average lumberjack style, thanks in part to a camp collar and oversized patch pockets on the chest.