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The Sale: Wardrobe Essentials To Buy Now (And Wear Forever)

January 2019Words by Mr Jim Merrett

We try not to get too excited here at MR PORTER. For example, we’re not ones to stock up on tinned meat for fear of impending political crisis, or because the British high street’s most prominent purveyor of pastry is experimenting with veganism. We’ll accept that, yes, Ms Olivia Colman is very good in The Favourite, but she was also very good in Tyrannosaur, Broadchurch, Peep Show and everything else she’s ever been in, including that episode of Midsomer Murders, so let’s not get carried away. And while we appreciate the folding aspect of Ms Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, we haven’t quite got round to throwing things out yet. Everything in our wardrobe sparks joy – not that we like to make a big deal out of it, of course.

In truth, there’s rarely even a raised voice in the MR PORTER office, and exclamation marks are very much frowned upon. For the most part, the only thing getting us hot under the collar here is the rather aggressive central heating. However, all that goes out of our well-appointed, south-facing window come sale time, when the shutters come down, we switch to emergency lighting – for effect more than anything else – and the sale klaxon sounds throughout the office.

That klaxon has been on for two full weeks now, and, to be frank, we’d quite like the powers that be to switch it off (and sort out the heating while they’re at it). But fortunately for you, if not us, rather than winding down, the sale frenzy is now ramping up, with many items long gone. Don’t panic, though. There are still bargains to be had. Here, we’ve selected a few discounted articles that might even be available in your size. What’s more, they don’t just spark joy, but multiple joys given that each is one you can turn to for numerous occasions. As evergreen staples that will perform as well as the aforementioned Ms Colman every time they are called on, they are far from a frivolous splurge. And, given that you’ve just “Kondoed” your life, you should now have plenty of room for them.