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Three Ways To Dress For An Exotic Wedding

March 2019Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

A card slips through the mail slot and lands with a slap on the door mat. Oh, God, you think, picking it up and turning it over in your hands. Not another wedding invitation. But wait. There’s something different about this one. In the space where you’d expect to see the address of the local church or register office, it says... Tanzania. Or the Maldives.

Does this experience sound familiar to you? If so, you’ll recognise the chain of emotions that follows. Firstly, excitement: at least this won’t be another tedious country church affair. Secondly, resentment: do they really expect us all to trek halfway around the world? And finally apprehension: what on earth am I going to wear?

Reader, you are not alone. Over the years, we’ve received countless requests for wedding-related style advice – a good proportion of them unusual or exotic in nature. Safari weddings, weddings on mountain peaks… we’ve had it all. It’s such a regular request, in fact, that we’ve decided to tackle a few of the more common gripes head-on. Take heed – and the next time an unconventional wedding invitation drops through the door, consider yourself well-prepared.