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We’re Living Through The Age Of The Maximalist Restaurant

1 week agoWords by Mr Ben Olsen

Circolo Popolare. Photograph by Mr Jérôme Galland, courtesy of Big Mamma

Blonde wood and concrete floors be gone. This year we’ve witnessed a vibrant new wave of more-is-more, design-led restaurants that are turning the tables on the pared-back minimalism that has shaped our world over the past decade. Whether an easy win for attracting a generation of diners as keen to post their experience as peruse the menu, or reflective of a wider need to cheer ourselves up in sombre times, restaurant designers are reinventing the wheel with panache. From vintage decor and custom murals to pot-plant jungles and saturated colours, we round up some of the loudest venues bringing diners cheer on both sides of the Atlantic.

Annabel’s, London

Photograph by Mr James McDonald, courtesy of The Birley Clubs