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What Does Each Acid Actually Do For Your Skin?

June 2019Words by Mr Gregory Allen

Illustration by Mr Andrea Mongia

There are a few skincare maxims every man should know – don’t wash your face with soap, SPF is your best friend and a good acid will go a long way. All right, the latter may be a recent addition, but with the wave of efficacious, acid-based products hitting the market, maxims need to be managed.

If you are new to skincare, a quick crib sheet: acids are fundamentally chemical exfoliators, builders and changemakers. Often considered the heavyweights of the skincare world, acids are able to jump into the ring with any skincare condition and pretty much get a knockout within the first few rounds. You want at least one of these boys in your corner (well, cabinet). There are acids that help brighten, clarify and even hydrate. We asked the renowned dermatologist (and king of exfoliating) Dr Dennis Gross, to create a guide on what might be right for your skin.