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What Does Your Swimwear Say About You?

1 week agoWords by Mr Stephen Doig

It might be subtler than football stripes or club ties, but around this time of year, a line in the sand is drawn. Whether you’re packing for the glitz of Capri or the quaint charm of Nantucket, men take a definite stance in what kind of swimwear they feel defines them best. And they might not think it, but they’re making a decision about what they want to express to the world as they strip off to their nethers; patrician and proper, in a dignified pair of swimmers? Accessorised with The New York Times and some horn-rimmed spectacles? Or ready to hit the tiki hut in thigh-skimming Day-Glo and a mai tai? So, which fellow are you?

How many likes did you garner in your underwear this summer? In the Instagram-alternate reality, if you don’t go on vacay and rack up the Insta air miles, like, did you even go on holiday at all? Like a 21st-century Mr Dick Whittington with an iPhone, he’s set off for the backdrops he knows will enhance his online persona; Palm Springs for those desert skies, Positano for the paintbox perfection, ticking off the locations and fine-tuning a wardrobe that will happily complement it all. This includes a vibrant pair of Moonrise printed shorts from Vilebrequin (the “explore” board on Instagram doesn’t like pallid colours), bracelets and charm necklaces that speak to his #soulful credentials and the faster-filter-finding finger in the west. #Takemeback.