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What Exactly Makes A God-Tier Style Icon?

June 2019Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

From left: Mr Shia LaBeouf, Los Angeles 2018. Photograph by Shutterstock. Mr Frank Ocean, Los Angeles 2019. Photograph by Shutterstock. Mr Jonah Hill, New York 2018. Photograph by Mr John Sheene/Shutterstock

What do Messrs Frank Ocean, Keanu Reeves, Jonah Hill, Shia LaBeouf and Jeff Goldblum all have in common? They are darlings of the menswear world, what they wear is untouchable, no matter what it is. Really.

Mr LaBeouf can appear unshowered in old sweatpants and Crocs, for instance, and be widely regaled for it. His unhinged outfits led Highsnobiety to deify him as a “normcore fashion god” and Garage to anoint him “the king of fashion”. He wears Ugg boots, stained logo T-shirts, and sneakers that look as though he’s been at them with a pack of felt tips. How excruciatingly cool, to favour comfort above all else and truly not give a toss about what you wear! (Nothing is more stylish than being flagrantly unfashionable, you know.) He is deeply consistent with his personal style, even if on paper it sounds like he is a sartorial train wreck.

In April, Mr Keanu Reeves was spotted wearing (deep breath): a comfortably tailored grey suit, grey shirt and grey tie, a bright-red trucker hat, a grey and red scarf, and Timberland-esque hiking boots (this is known as mixing “classy with casual” according to the Daily Mail). Mr Reeves might wear a SAINT LAURENT suit on the red carpet and not garner nearly as much attention for his clothes as he will for sipping watermelon juice while wearing a black hoodie and that aforementioned trucker – barefoot, to boot – on set. This is complex stuff.