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What the MR PORTER Team Are Wearing To Keep Fit This Summer

June 2019Mr Porter

What men wear to exercise is a personal thing, perhaps even more personal than what they wear when they’re not exercising. Choosing the right clothes is hard enough without factoring in that you’re probably going to be a puddle of your own sweat while you’re wearing them. But choose them we must; and now that it’s summer, there’s a wealth of reasons to get off our backsides. So, whether we’re out for a city jog, pumping iron in the gym after or doing a bit of trail hiking in the Lake District, here’s what we’ll be wearing to get fit this summer.

Mr Jim Merrett, Chief Sub-Editor

I’ve just come back from a weekend in the Lake District, and this has inspired a fairly straightforward fitness goal: to get out more. No gyms for me – fresh air and hillside trails, please. With that in mind, I’ll pull on a pair of off-road running sneakers by Arc’teryx. Of course, the great outdoors in Britain often means tackling inclement weather, so I’ll also be packing a waterproof, as well as snaffling a flapjack or two.