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What’s New: 424 On Fairfax

1 week agoWords by The Daily Team

A batch of new items from Mr Guillermo Andrade’s cult label 424 hits the shelves of MR PORTER this week. Taking its name from Mr Andrade’s Los Angeles fashion boutique, FourTwoFour on Fairfax, 424 serves up “elevated streetwear”: taking the ordinary and turning into something special, in other words. This latest drop is a case in point.

Topping the bill is a denim jacket and jeans printed with a photograph of the crumbling ruins of the now demolished Eastown Theatre in Detroit, a palatial movie theatre turned music venue that was frequented by such acts as Mr Alice Cooper, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac and Sir Elton John during its early 1970s heyday. The photograph in question was taken by Mr Matthew Lambros, whose 2016 book, After The Final Curtain, documents the demise of the old-fashioned American movie theatre.

It’s an arresting image; what prompted Mr Andrade to apply it to denim is anyone’s guess, but who cares? It’s an eye-catching print that works particularly well on the jeans, which look a bit like vintage Versace from a distance only to reveal their true nature up close. There’s something jarring, subversive, even a little bit dark about it – words we rarely find ourselves reaching for in the context of fashion. And the same goes for the brand’s Detroit hoodie, which is printed with a blurred photograph of an abandoned Detroit high school superimposed with an inverted American flag. Like your menswear with a dose of social commentary? Considering it looks as good as this, you may just have found your new favourite brand.