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What’s New: How To Dress Like A Spy (On A Day Off)

April 2019Words by Mr Jim Merrett

When your day job involves thwarting the dastardly plans of megalomaniac villains using any means at your disposal – invisible cars, rocket packs, Zorb balls? – what do you do with your downtime? High-octane pursuits are unlikely to be the weekend activity of choice for your average international spy given that the daily grind consists of abseiling down imposing glass structures, jumping out of helicopters and rooftop parkour, or so cinema has led us to believe. A day off, such as Easter Monday, should instead present a leisurely brunch, maybe, or a gentle stroll along a beach, or perhaps you could just listen to a podcast and drink a nice cup of tea – nothing whatsoever to do with the glamorous trappings of global espionage.

Of course, the standard-issue wardrobe of your typical secret service field agent rarely provides for such eventualities. Sure, if a bulletproof tuxedo is called for, you’re sorted, so long as you remembered to collect it from the dry-cleaners (which, if there is any justice in the world, is called Live And Let Dry-Clean). But, should you need to pop by the supermarket for eggs and a newspaper, such an item would no doubt blow your cover. What you need is more casual duds that still provide an elevated level of refinement, yet wouldn’t look out of place when worn on an amble around your local park. And if they can jam enemy transmissions or come with a built-in tracking device, that’s a bonus.

So, this bank holiday, cast your eyes on the selection of wares below from Kingsman, MR PORTER’s exclusive attire for the modern gentleman emissary. A collection assembled to tie in with the film franchise it shares its name with, the focus is on top-notch tailoring, formidable outerwear and accessories that will blow you away (not literally, we hope). And, as you would expect, there is a formal bent to much of the line – indeed, arriving today, you will find a double-breasted Prince of Wales suit jacket, blue suede Oxford shoes and a white linen and silk tuxedo jacket. All of them exemplary items, but unlikely to allow you to blend in as you tuck into smashed avocado at Bill’s.