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Why You Should Start Taking Supplements

April 2019Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Do you feel fit? What about your diet? And sleep quality, how’s that going for you? Whatever self-improvement pursuit you’re self-flagellating over in 2019, there’s a growing demand for supplements to keep us going, and the industry is booming. PharmiWeb reported last week that by 2026, the global herbal supplement market is expected to reach around $9b. That’s a lot of 5-HTP. But are you keeping up? From collagen supplements that taste like festive hot chocolate to green tea skin food and tablets to aid a good night’s kip, plus some muscle-building magic that isn’t your average gym-rat fare, here’s an introduction to some of our favourite supplement brands and a primer on what they can do for you.


Fresh on the supplement scene is Ancient+Brave, a small but innovative brand that specialises in collagen supplements (great for skin and hair) and intermittent-fasting aids. For the latter, try the brand’s True MCT oil, a clear liquid used to create nutritional ketosis, which, in other words, will help the body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle. Oh, and it’s all vegan, of course.