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You Asked: How Do I Reclaim My Skateboarding Youth At 30?

January 2019Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

Photograph by Mr Jonathan Daniel Pryce

“Youth is the only thing worth having,” says the titular character in Mr Oscar Wilde’s The Picture Of Dorian Gray. But when it comes to style, being young is overrated. Many, if not most, of the world’s best-dressed men are a long way from the first flush of youth. Having said that, certain looks undeniably become a little trickier to pull off when you’ve got a few miles on the clock, as illustrated by today’s featured style question from Stockholm-based creative @bendatmo. At 30, he’s by no means over the hill, but can he still channel the skateboarding, streetwear-loving art-school kid of his younger years?

How can I get back to my roots in art, skateboarding and streetwear tastefully at 30?