MR PORTER X AMIRI: Introducing Our Exclusive Capsule Collection

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MR PORTER X AMIRI: Introducing Our Exclusive Capsule Collection

Words by Ms Lili Göksenin | Photography by Mr Francesco Nazardo | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

3 September 2020

AMIRI’s collections are, according to the brand’s founder and creative director, Mr Mike Amiri, inspired by the rock ’n’ roll culture of his youth, along with the skate and surf scenes of California. Indeed, the exclusive 31-piece capsule collection Mr Amiri has created for MR PORTER captures the essence of this laid-back but luxurious West Coast vibe, featuring branded T-shirts, distressed denim, silky camp-collar shirts and soft cashmere cardigans.  

Each piece would look at home on a Malibu surfer as it would on a Venice Beach skater. But you don’t need to own a longboard or rock a coiffure of sun-bleached waves to pull off one of Mr Amiri’s egret-printed shirts or a pair of his ripped skinny jeans. “The AMIRI man is multifaceted,” the designer explains. “[He] easily stands out but is confident enough to make that attention effortless.” So, it’s all about attitude – in this case, a louche LA approach with a vintage twist.

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The first thing you’ll notice when browsing this capsule are the small design elements – egrets, flamingos, seahorses – that carry through multiple pieces. The flora and fauna of the tropics feature heavily, offering a breath of fresh air in a year that has felt both stifling and oppressive. 

We love the contrast of a dark cotton sweatshirt with the pale-blue distressed-denim shorts (above, right). But picking the lightest items and wearing them together is also an excellent choice. “Standout pieces look great with a tonal matching silhouette,” advises Mr Amiri. So, if you’re going to layer, try finding a palette and sticking with it.

Of course, this is the year that tie-dye returned with a vengeance, and a shirt that’s hand-dyed to be unique feels like the perfect balance of bohemian and luxurious. In places, the AMIRI logo is hard to miss, emblazoned across the chest of tees. In other pieces, you have to really look to see it – all the better to let those in the know know that you know (y’know?). 

To the untrained eye, the layering above might seem a bit OTT. But who’s to say that army green can’t work over jellyfish-print silk, on top of tie-dye? The general rule with layering is that you either focus on matching or you embrace contrast. This is most definitely an exercise in the latter and the result is a roll-out-of-bed insouciance that just works.

Screenshot 2019-09-03 at 17.17.00

Things get wavy with the silk camp-collar shirts, which serve up playful nods to vacations we very probably didn’t get to take in 2020. Palm trees, seaweed, beaches? If you can’t have them in real life, why not wear them on your sleeves? Mr Amiri created this collection with “a positive and relaxed spirit”, and these silky shirts and matching shorts are the embodiment of that philosophy. Go ahead, relax and unbutton your shirt – good vibes only.

“I love all the Hawaiian patchwork pieces,” says Mr Amiri. “They take inspiration from several vintage items and combine them into one.” While thoroughly modern and on trend, the sweatshirt shown above is a pleasing throwback to summers spent on the sand with your buddies and a cool box of beer. The look is completed with artfully ripped jeans, which would look just at home at a Strokes gig as they do here.

Yet another standout silk shirt, this one adorned with mirror-image egrets (below), looks great layered over a long-sleeved tie-dyed tee and black denim shorts. We also love the contrast of the Baja canvas and leather slip-on sneakers with a skeleton print on the vamp, bringing this skater look full circle. 

You might not be headed to the coast any time soon, but with its accents on palm trees and cool breezes, AMIRI’s exclusive capsule for MR PORTER will have you dreaming of the sun setting over the ocean.