Trippy, Carefree, Cool: Exclusives From LOEWE’s Paula’s Ibiza Capsule

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Trippy, Carefree, Cool: Exclusives From LOEWE’s Paula’s Ibiza Capsule

Words by Ms Lili Göksenin | Photography by Mr Vassilis Karidis | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

11 June 2020

It’s that time of year – the sun is shining, the Aperols are spritzing and LOEWE’s wavy and wonderful Paula’s Ibiza capsule collection is back.

Since its 2017 debut, this summery, limited-edition capsule from the Spanish brand (run by Northern Irish creative director Mr Jonathan Anderson) has been inspired by the bohemian eclecticism of Paula’s Ibiza – a boutique which opened in the 1970s, became a Balearic style and cultural touchstone, before closing in the late 1990s. 

The collection is a perfect melding of references as Mr Anderson’s LOEWE already tends towards craft and colour, while the British love for Ibiza is both longstanding and legendary. It pays tribute to an earlier iteration of Brits in paradise, however, before the advent of the mega clubs, superstar DJs and pounding 4x4 beats.

Instead, Mr Jonathan Anderson’s designs hark back to the hippie, mythic Ibiza, the Ibiza that attracted misfits, millionaires and movie stars, the Ibiza in which the real entertainment was still found on the streets rather than in the nightclubs. These sun-bleached days of yore have been remixed into a crafty-casual sartorial collection of jazzy printed shirts, relaxed-fit patchworked shorts, bucket hats, tie-dye and vintage prints. 

Along with some of the classics, MR PORTER proudly presents a selection of far-out exclusives that artfully bridge the Ibiza of the past and the modern, commercialised, cosmopolitan iteration of this Balearic hotspot. So, take a trip to the Mediterranean with us as we explore the island-inspired life of LOEWE’s Paula’s Ibiza.

OK, let’s get into it – this shirt. Exclusive to MR PORTER, each piece is unique, so you know there’s no way you’ll spot the same one on another man. With one side dyed by hand, and the other printed with iconic 1990s-era club flyers from the island, this is about as wild, eclectic and free as it gets – in other words, Balearic to a tee. We’ve styled it with tie-dyed shorts that just peek out from below the oversized fit because this is a shirt that deserves – nay, demands – centre stage.

Screenshot 2019-09-03 at 17.17.00

This tee celebrates Paula’s far-out sensibilities with a little washed-out tie-dye action. The cotton-jersey top, emblazoned with the original logo of Paula’s boutique and soaked in a dye job that resembles a typically gorgeous sunset at the Café del Mar, works perfectly with these mermaid-print denim patchwork trousers. Yes, the under-the-sea archival print is eye-catching, and yes, people will comment on them, but then again Ibiza has never been the place for retiring violets.

The full-grain leather cross-body messenger, another exclusive to MR PORTER, would be a perfect bag for the club in normal circumstances – thanks to its neon-green accents – to help you standout in a crowd. It’s book-sized, so perfect for taking some reading material to a picnic or the beach, or on your daily walk. Don’t forget your SPF.

We’ve been wild for tie-dye for ages now, which is why we were thrilled to take on this hoodie as one of our exclusive pieces. Composed of fleece-back cotton jersey and designed with a roomy, comfy-boy fit, it’s the embodiment of Paula’s Ibiza’s bold, colourful and joyful spirit.

Screenshot 2019-09-03 at 17.17.00

Speaking of bold and colourful, we’re saying “why, yes” to crazy slides this season. Sandals on men are a reliable source of disagreement, and we won’t lie: this raffia and bead-embellished pair will set tongues wagging. They vaguely resemble a five-year-old’s art-class project (in a good way) and as Mr Pablo Picasso, a visitor to the island, famously said, “Every child is an artist”. We recommend you wear them with pride.

Anyone can wear one bonkers top, but why not wear three at a time – especially when these are so good. Here again we see some familiar themes: we have a flyer-printed T-shirt, a patched and printed button-down, and a rainbow-hued tie-dye sweater (this time rendered in luxurious cashmere) around the waist. More is more when it comes to Paula’s Ibiza – so make like a stylish Brit in the 1970s and go all out.

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