Mr Ronnie Fieg

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Mr Ronnie Fieg

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

21 January 2016

New York’s self-made sneaker and streetwear impresario welcomes us into his inner circle.

“We get caught up and work really hard, and sometimes we forget about the better things in life,” says “sneaker-wear” entrepreneur Mr Ronnie Fieg, founder and owner of Kith in New York. “And that’s what Saturdays are really for.”

Just a few years ago, Saturdays would have meant something entirely different for Mr Fieg. He mostly spent them working on the shop floor of David Z, his mum’s cousin’s chain of shoe shops. Starting in the stockroom at the age of 13, he worked his way up the ranks, learning everything about building a retail business along the way until, in 2010, he decided to start one of his own. Five years later, Mr Fieg, now 33, has built a burgeoning footwear and apparel brand with a massive cult following and is known as the godfather of limited-edition sneaker collaborations. With success comes the ability now to spend his weekends exactly how he wants. “I don’t believe in luck, but I believe it was fortunate to know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life from such a young age,” says Mr Fieg.

In the latest in our series of A Saturday With… films, above, Mr Fieg takes us on a tour of New York from his Manhattan penthouse, where he lives with his girlfriend and several hundred pairs of immaculately kept sneakers, to his parents’ house in Queens, where he grew up, via his store in Brooklyn and Kith Treats, an all-day breakfast bar that serves cereal and ice cream. Then he drives his customised matte-black Porsche Panamera back into the city for dinner – with friends, naturally. Watch closely: you may recognise one of them.

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Film by Mr Antony Crook