20 Elevated Essentials That Will See You Through Autumn

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20 Elevated Essentials That Will See You Through Autumn

Words by The MR PORTER Team

26 September 2023

As temperatures change, our wardrobes inevitably follow suit. And with any last hopes of an Indian summer now fading away, it’s time to embrace autumn – and everything good that comes with it. Boots, knitwear, cosy accessories… The list goes on. Here are 20 things we are looking forward to wearing in the next couple months and that are guaranteed to get you ready for winter.

01. The CELINE HOMME double-breasted trench

It doesn’t get much more “autumn essential” than a coat, does it? As in, it’d be rather silly to step out without one once the temperatures start to dip. Picking the right one is a little tricker, however, which is where we come in. Try this double-breasted CELINE HOMME trench, which is undeniably timeless and will get more than enough wear to justify the investment.

02. The Our Legacy corduroy trousers

You might think we’re playing pretty loose with the meaning of “essential” (and, indeed, “autumn”) when we present these dusty pink trousers. But allow us to make our case. These by Our Legacy are spun from an on-trend, seasonally apt cotton-corduroy with a velvet-like feel, and in our view are ideal for perking up downcast days – of which there will be plenty.

03. The quilted Stone Island gilet

Autumn and spring are when the gilet really comes in to its own, thanks to its infinite capacity for layering under and over the bits in your wardrobe. And don’t let the banker bro image dissuade you. This one is from Stone Island, which is spiritually about as far from the financial district as it gets.

04. The suede TOM FORD sneakers

A little reminder for all the quiet-luxury folks out there: sneakers needn’t only come in riveting shades of white and off-white. Spice up your life a little courtesy of TOM FORD. The brand has designed these low-profile suede tennis-style shoes in a soft shade of blue that strikes the perfect balance between interesting and inconspicuous.

05. The Elder Statesman cashmere sweater

The Elder Statesman does knitwear differently. Not just the colour schemes, that lean beyond hippy-dippy into trippy, but also in terms of manufacture. The LA label prides itself on its materials, construction and attention to detail, even if those details waver from the usual template of muted tones for top-end cashmeres. Consider this sweater, then, not merely for its dazzling multicolour stripes, but because it is truly next level.

06. The Row’s perfect cardigan

Plato reasoned that no one has ever witnessed a perfect circle nor straight line, and yet we know what circles and straight lines are. And we all probably had a fuggy idea of what a cardigan looked like before The Row brought it into sharp relief. It turns out this item should have a zipper rather than buttons, with a thick ribbed texture. The new blueprint, from which all future efforts should be cast.

07. The classic Mr P. loafers

Brown shoes are perhaps more versatile, while black more formal. Which makes burgundy, what? A proper flex. Throw in the fringes and tassels on these Mr P. loafers, and boom. It’s a timeless style, given a chunky bit of heft, making it perfect for the season. The Vibram lugged soles should ensure you don’t slip up, physically as well as sartorially.

08. The ZEGNA x The Elder Statesman checked scarf

The Iberian Peninsula has the Coco; in Ireland, the Pooka is feared. While in Italy, il colpo d’aria is not to be messed with. If not an evil presence in the sense that it will take away children, from a young age, Italians are taught to be wary of malevolent drafts of air. Hence why, from September until well into spring, most will swaddle their necks with scarves. Good luck finding a nape coddler more elegant than this piece, which offers the combined protection of ZEGNA and The Elder Statesman.

09. The Bottega Veneta leather boots

If kicking through leaves is your jam – and at this time of year, it really ought to be – then you’re going to need two things: one, a big old pile of leaves, and two, and a reliable pair of boots. The former we can’t help you with, beyond directing you to your nearest park or tree-lined avenue, but the latter we most certainly can. And when we say “we”, what we really mean is Bottega Veneta, whose Fireman leather boots provide optimum foliage-displacing clompiness, while retaining a city-slicker edge thanks to their high-gloss finish.

10. The Dries Van Noten alpaca coat

At first glance, this Dries Van Noten number appears to be a no-nonsense, single-breasted, knee-length overcoat of the sort that every man has owned at one point or another in his life. But what sets it apart is the fabric, a substantial blend of mohair, alpaca and wool that provides a real sense of heft and proportion. The result is a coat that’s smart enough to go to work in and comfortable enough to sleep in – not that we’d recommend doing that, of course.

11. The Hermès Timepieces Cape Cod watch

Hermès might be known for its equestrian heritage, but there’s more to this Parisian brand than just bridles and horse bits. First released in 1991, the Hermès Cape Cod wristwatch borrows from the nautical tradition with a case modelled after the Chaine d’Ancre, an anchor-shaped design that has been a feature of the brand’s jewellery collections ever since the late 1930s. It’s a stunning piece of high watchmaking that’s sure to receive nods of approval from across the boardroom table as you trudge back into the office this autumn.

12. The READYMADE logo tote

Yes, even the humble tote bag has been reinvented for autumn. Switching out the woven jute material that has served us all so well over summer, READYMADE – the brainchild of Japanese streetwear designer Mr Yuta Hosokawa – opts instead for a sturdy cotton canvas sourced from vintage US Army duffel bags. Add a waxed water-resistant finish, and what you get is an enviably stylish tote bag that’s more than a match for the blusteriest of autumn squalls.

13. The RRR123 oversized hoodie

“How should you style a hoodie?” is a question we consistently ask ourselves at the end of every summer. Nothing says autumn quite like slouchy, oversized sweats that you can wear over a couple of other layers without them feeling too bulky, after all. This one by RRR123 – inspired by traditional logo-heavy sportswear – is one of our favourites.

14. The Marni statement shirt

The vivid shades of Marni’s collections are great to inject a touch of colour into your autumn wardrobe. Take this checked shirt – dyed a warm chartreuse shade and patterned with yellow and green stripes, it’ll nicely complement jeans and dark trousers alike. The brushed effect gives it a cool, lived-in appeal and gives extra texture to a simple base layer.

15. The CHERRY LA everyday T-shirt

Once mercury drops, having some versatile, reliable and good-quality base layers is paramount. Swap out your summer tees for long-sleeved styles, and if you’re dressing for the life you want – and not for the one you have – opt for this CHERRY LA one, which is printed with a surfing culture-inspired graphic that will transport you to California’s sunny beaches.

16. The Foundrae pendant necklace

Feel like your outfits need a bit of panache? That extra oomph to take them to the next level? Look no further than this 18-karat gold necklace from Foundrae. It’s strung with two rings or “tenets”. The first is a symbol of protection, and the other is an “internal compass”, which is intended to remind you that you’re the master of your own fate and future.

17. The Loro Piana corduroy cap

We love a bit of technical luxury here at MR PORTER and this cap from Loro Piana fits that bill to a T. The boyish topper is made from a cotton-blend corduroy and then treated with the label’s Storm System for a waterproof and wind-resistant finish. All of this means that you can throw it on as you leave the house, whether you’ve checked the weather report or not.

18. The distressed Gallery Dept. jeans

Have you surveyed your closet and found your old jeans wanting? Perhaps you should consider this light-wash distressed pair from LA-based brand Gallery Dept. Even though the days are getting darker, your denim can stay nice and light (no need to go to black and navy just yet) and these bring the California sunshine to you wherever you are in the world.

19. The royal-blue LOEWE track pants

If you’re going to wear track pants out of the house (we condone), then you might as well own it. No need for beiges or creams or cashmeres here, opt for the brightest blue in the spectrum courtesy of LOEWE and you’re halfway to being the most stylish bloke on the block.

20. The gold-tone Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses

Even if the sun is out a bit less now, you can still wear sunglasses – don’t worry. Jacques Marie Mage designed these acetate frames with the actor Mr Jeff Goldblum in mind (hence the name “Jeff”). Channel his slightly retro, oh-so-cool energy going into the autumn with the sunglasses that were handmade in Japan and boast a glimmering finish.