Style Files: Mr Paul Weller Talks Us Through His Best Looks

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Style Files: Mr Paul Weller Talks Us Through His Best Looks

Words by Mr Ian Stone

16 July 2020

Mr Paul Weller (centre) and The Style Council on set of “The Lodgers” music video, 2 September 1985. Photograph by Mr Steve Rapport

01. The Jam

Mr Weller performing at the Electric Circus, Manchester, 19 June 1977. Photograph by Mr Kevin Cummins/Getty Images

“We’d have to get the suits cleaned whenever we could. By the end of the tour, we looked like chimps”

02. The Style Council

Mr Weller on set of the “Long Hot Summer” music video, Cambridge, 3 August 1983. Photograph by Mr Steve Rapport

“Every look I had at the time, I believed in. I had a concept in my head”

03. The 1960s revival

Mr Weller performs on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, 25 March 1993. Photograph by Ms Margaret Norton/NBC Universal via Getty Images

“I never dress to impress or any of that nonsense. I just do what feels right”

04. The space-age mod

Mr Weller on stage in Cologne, 2 April 2001. Photograph by Brill/ullstein bild via Getty Images

“I’m not nostalgic at all, but some things have deep cultural links to me. They go beyond fashion”

05. The class act

Mr Weller on stage at the Live Manchester Arena World Tour, 28 November 2015. Photograph by Mr Jason Palmer/Alamy

“When she first met him, my mum thought my dad had money ’cos he had five suits”

06. The changing man

Mr Weller, London, January 2020. Photograph by Ms Nicole Nodland

“I don’t think much about being age appropriate”

All mod cons

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