Staff Picks: Our Favourite Grooming Products For Spring

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Staff Picks: Our Favourite Grooming Products For Spring

Words by The Daily Team

16 April 2019

This year, we’re giving ourselves a spring clean – here’s the bathroom remedies we’re turning to for the new season.

New Year’s resolutions, generally, are expected to take effect at the start of the year. But what with miserably trying to avoid alcohol, trying to pay off your Christmas overdraft and the horrible, horrible weather, we can forgive ourselves if we’ve taken a little longer to get things in order. Still, now that we’re in spring proper, it’s a good excuse to practice a little self-care and give ourselves a realistic upgrade where it counts: in our grooming regimens. But where to start? Well, that’s what we’re here for: see below for the MR PORTER team’s personal-grooming recommendations that are ideal for the new season.

Mr Ashley Clarke, Staff Writer

Inspired by Mr Kanye West (who according to his wife Ms Kim Kardashian smells “like a rich person. Like… money, I don’t know!”), I recently wrote an article called “How To Smell Wealthy”, extolling the olfactory virtues of fragrances that stink of sophistication. Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Grand Soir was one of them, and since trying it, I am hooked. It is borderline drinkable. A sweetly masculine, ambery fragrance, it lasts an arrogantly long time on skin, and is inspired by “the radiance of a magnificent Parisian evening”. There are certainly worse things to smell of.

Mr Chris Elvidge, Market Editor

Spring’s a time of fresh starts, green shoots... a time of renewal, in short, and so what better addition to my bathroom cabinet could there be than La Mer’s Renewal Oil? A few drops massaged into your face in the morning are enough to leave your skin feeling hydrated for the rest of the day. It costs a pretty penny, sure, but there are certain areas in a man’s life where he shouldn't scrimp. Skincare is most certainly one of them.

Mr Tom Ford, Editor, The Daily

There’s something reassuring about the idea of putting mud on your face. Sounds clean and unadulterated. Sounds natural. Because however “natural” some grooming products claim to be on the front of their packaging, the back of the packaging often tells a different story: lots of aggressive-sounding ingredients ending in “ate”. And nothing good ever came from putting “ates” on your skin. So I’m sticking with the black stuff this spring. And I don’t mean Guinness. Although lots of that, too.

Mr Anish Patel, Commissioning Editor

In this grim week of Brexit omnishambling, retail therapy is essential. If ever there was a time to cheer yourself up, it’s now. Happiness for me this week came in the form of Sisley - ParisRestorative Facial Cream. A concoction of shea and carrot root extract whipped into a thick buttery texture. In fact, it’s so creamy you could put it on scones (don’t, though). Not only has it revived my dull complexion, which I’m putting down to a severe lack of sunshine and vitamin D, but it’s left it as smooth and as supple as a… you know the saying. Sure, it’s eye-wateringly expensive, but a little goes a long way so it’s well worth the investment.

Mr Jim Merrett, Chief Sub-Editor

What those zero-emissions do-gooders on their bikes don’t tell you is that cycling to work every day through winter properly knackers your hands. Now it’s spring and, despite the fingerless-glove weather, my mitts still resemble the last remaining prize at a meat raffle. Formulated with shea butter, this hand cream by Byredo should sort them out, plus, with notes of juniper berries and a base of raspberry and vetiver, it smells a lot nicer than chain lube.

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