The Coach: For The Love Of Money

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The Coach: For The Love Of Money

Words by Mr David Waters

9 January 2020

There is so much subtext and hidden meaning wrapped up in money. Money is shorthand for happiness, power and personal efficacy, so it can be very scary

With his six-figure salary, Andy hardly seemed like the kind of person to lose sleep over money. Indeed, people in less fortunate positions would most likely scoff at the thought. But his experience reveals money worries affect all of us.

After building up his confidence, Andy spoke to his wife about his issues around money. She was totally understanding and together they were able to get a much better handle on his income and their joint outgoings. They even started to budget together, which took a lot of the heat out of Andy’s anxiety about money. By looking back at his childhood and by opening up to his wife, Andy had begun to rationalise his feelings. After years of denial, he was at last being honest – not just with his wife, Claire, but also with himself.

“It’s funny,” he said during one of our final sessions. “I really thought Claire would think less of me when I told her what I earned, but guess what? She said how proud she was of me and that I’m a really hard worker. It was just so great to hear. Talking about money has brought us closer together. Finally, we’ve named the elephant in the room. It’s a huge relief for both of us.”

This time, it was me looking at the floor. When Andy walked into my office I couldn’t help noticing his smart new footwear. “I can see you’re checking out my new boots,” he said. “Claire helped me choose them. We’ve had a good month and we both felt I deserved a treat.” It was a small thing, but it certainly seemed to help Andy stand tall.

Illustration by Mr Iker Ayestaran