The Man Who Brought Cool To The Royal Family

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The Man Who Brought Cool To The Royal Family

Words by Mr David Jenkins

9 February 2017

Lord Snowdon, studio portrait, c.1960. Photograph by Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis via Getty Images

“He liked modern clothes: he was one of the first to champion the black rollneck”

Lord Snowdon, London, 1958. Photograph by Mr Tom Blau/Camera Press

Lord Snowdon driving with Princess Margaret in Padua, Italy, 1964. Photograph by

Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret meet The Beatles at the premiere of Help!, The London Pavilion, 1965. Photograph by The Times

From left: Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret and Princess Salimah Aga Khan, Sardinia, Italy, c. 1970. Photograph by Camera Press

Lord Snowdon, Sardinia, Italy, 1966. Photograph by Sorci/Camera Press

Lord Snowdon in Rome, 1965. Photograph by Sorci/Camera Press London