mr Patrick Seabase

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Patrick Seabase - Men's Style Council Member

Swiss-born cyclist, adventurer and photographer Mr Patrick Seabase is known for taking his fixed-gear track bike much further than most. In fact, you’re more likely to find him riding it up a particularly taxing mountain pass – the sort that make up the Tour de France’s most fearsome stages – or across the plains of Eritrea than around his local velodrome. The energy that isn’t spent on the asphalt he channels into numerous creative projects, visual arts and films.

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    I try to only bring one bag as carry on (45 liter duffel) and a bike bag to check in. I bring only what I really need.


    IWC - Big Pilot.


    Iron Heart or Tom Ford.


    A black Mercedes-Benz SL 300.


    Aesop for the skin. EVO for the hair.

  • BOOK

    Anything from William Blake.