A Sneakerhead’s Guide To Gifting Running Shoes This Holiday Season

December 2019Words by Mr Mubi Ali

Mr Mubi Ali. Photograph by Mr Davide Annibale

Choosing the right pair of sneakers for someone else can be exciting. But it can be exhausting and frustrating, too. (And I say this as the owner of around 4,500 pairs of sneakers.) There are so many things you need to stress about. Which brands is he into? (Or, more importantly, not into?) What’s his size? Will he like them? Does he already have them? Is he thinking about buying them himself?

If you’re shopping the hype sneaker market, there are even more things to take into account: are the sneakers even out yet? Can I buy them normally, or is there a raffle process? Will I have to rely on the secondary market? The list goes on.

The first and most important step is to find out what they like. The best way to do that is to  check out what they currently wear on their feet. Use that as a guide to the brands, styles and looks they’re into. If you live with them or visit their place regularly, you should be able to take a cheeky look at their collection. If they’re a real sneakerhead, their shoes should be everywhere in the apartment.