An Expert’s Guide To Buying The Perfect Gift For Her

December 2019Words by Ms Kay Barron

Ms Kay Barron. Photograph by Mr Davide Annibale

Have you felt it yet? That sense of foreboding that creeps in around November, building to a crescendo of panic in mid-December. The realisation that you have no ideas at all. Not one. Christmas is hurtling towards you and you can’t think of one special thing to buy for that one special person in your life.

Let’s not become hysterical. The main trick of gift buying is to look like you had it all planned out. And it isn’t just about throwing money at it, although that isn’t necessarily frowned upon either.

First things first. Pay attention. What jewellery does she wear? What has she been dropping hints about for weeks (and believe me, they will have been dropped, if not thrown at you)? Who are her favourite designers? Look in her wardrobe if you don’t know, ensuring it’s the pieces she loves to wear, not what she hardly ever wears. I once received a vintage gold bracelet from a boyfriend who was so sure of his choice that he couldn’t wait until 25 December to give it to me. He was right. He had observed. He knew that I wore gold, rarely silver, saw that I preferred statement pieces to delicate. My love for the bracelet far outlasted my love for him, but when I wear it, I think of him (fondly, mainly). Which is what we are aiming for here.