Five Ways To Wear Winter Trousers

November 2019Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

Florence, January 2019. Photograph by Mr Robert Spangle/Thousand Yard Style

Good winter dressing isn’t all about coats and layering – the real fun happens below the belt. Corduroy and wool trousers add depth and texture to an outfit, while shell and nylon provide more practical, streetwise options. It’s easy, of course, for your bottom-half to take a sartorial backseat most of the time, and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are so many good trousers around at the moment. It means that pushing the envelope (at least a little) is practically expected. Here are five of our favourite winter trousers, and a few ways to wear them.


Acne Studios
Payden Tapered Canvas-Panelled Cotton-Corduroy Cargo Trousers
Raf Simons
Oversized Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Corduroy’s renaissance is complete. There have likely been enough fashion articles proclaiming its return and gushing over its nostalgic charm to fill a small library, and of all the trends that have come and gone over the course of the 2010s, this one looks likely to endure. Acne Studios has done a brilliant job in particular of reinventing the fabric from chemistry teacher frumpery to something altogether more stylish, and have warped it into a pair of cargo pants complete with an elasticated waistband, canvas panels and tiny little gold metal coils on the cuffs so you can customise the fit. Kooky! But also cool.