How To Pick A Particularly Good Christmas Card

December 2019Words by The Daily Team

From left: cards by Scribble & Daub, Paper Parade and Rifle Paper Co.

It might only be the first week of December, but alongside the piles of party invitations, pre-Christmas workload and frantic gift shopping, there’s something else to sort out: cards. Whether it’s a kind gesture to a loved one, an olive branch to someone you’ve annoyed this year, or simply a gesture to make the in-laws believe you’re a well-turned-out gentleman, there are myriad reasons to send a card, and hundreds of millions of them will make their way around the world this month.

Still, in the digital age, it’s a tradition that’s declining. According to market research firm Mintel, less than half of Brits aged under 35 now send Christmas cards, and believe social media is an acceptable replacement.

A physical card, however, is a welcome contrast to the digital back and forths we’ve all shared with friends and family throughout the year and is an opportunity to send something that requires a little more thought. But how to choose one that stands out?