Something For The Weekend: A Cultural Roundup From Our US Editor

December 2019Words by Mr Chris Wallace

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

Hiya from London, where it seems like they just left up the sets from Mr Paul Feig’s film Last Christmas – it is festive here. Then again, I’m just back from fleeing Thanksgiving on a cruise up the Nile in Egypt, where I met plenty of people who wanted me to understand that, actually, the people who built the pyramids and other great monuments were skilled craftsman who volunteered their time (not slaves!). Think of it like being a late-dynasty writer doing the pharaoh’s work for exposure, to beef up your portfolio. Plus ça change. Speaking of which, this is what Brooklyn looks like before and after gentrification.

The most important development in the US this week, of course, has been the meme-ification of Baby Yoda, so you may have missed the news that Mr George Clooney has been spending all his Nespresso money on his own satellite so that he can track war crimes in Sudan. And you thought Batman was make believe. Captain America, of course, is a complete fiction, but Mr Chris Evans’ cable-knit sweater in his new film Knives Out is driving people wild. MR PORTER contributor Ms Rachel Syme has interviewed Knives Out costume designer Ms Jenny Eagan and promises to dish on the credits for said sweater, but in the meantime, I’m thinking it looks a whole lot like this Brunello Cucinelli version

Mr Chris Evans in Knives Out (2019). Photograph by Ms Claire Folger/Lions Gate Films Inc and MRC II Distribution Company LP