Something For The Weekend: A Cultural Roundup From Our US Editor

December 2019Words by Mr Chris Wallace

Illustration by Mr Joe McKendry

Hiya, just following up, circling back, bumping this up, checking to see if you got this? Nudging again. Hello? Are you there? Can you please validate me and my entire existence by responding, by just telling me you’ve gotten this, that I am alive, real, in the world, and that I matter? Thanks, talk soon!

When did silence become the new “no”? In 2019, ghosting is rife. Is there a better way of politely declining a pitch, an invitation, solicitation (I mean, yes, of course, there is)? As an editor, I am among the most grievous abusers of the silent treatment, and, man, I’m trying. I respond to every single invitation, for anything, no matter how relevant to me (alas, I will have to miss the opening of your envelope, but thanks for thinking of me) and still I feel the silence haunting me. Anyway, this piece on digital etiquette got me all fired up about my lapses in kindness, attention, etc.

We know that magazines and New York are totally over, right, that’s facts (oh, and here is a history of fact-checking. But this series of photos and stories in New York magazine gives you a glimpse of why we suckers keep coming back to both for more. Speaking of which, Longreads has compiled its list of the best stories of the year, just as I’ve added it to mine of the week. And, here you can go inside the world of The World of Interiors. Read MR PORTER contributor Mr Alex Pappademas on the decade that comic book nerds became our cultural overlords. Delight in the greatness of Mr William Gibson. Watch Mr Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote movie with Messrs Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce. And see if you agree with the winners of GQ’s inaugural fashion awards.