The Design Philosophy Of Conran CEO Mr Hugh Wahla

November 2019Words by The Daily Team

Mr Hugh Wahla, 2019. Photograph courtesy of The Conran Shop

To coincide with the launch of The Conran Shop in Gangnam, South Korea (the brand’s 12th global location) – we spoke to CEO Mr Hugh Wahla about this exciting development, and asked him for his personal philosophy on design. Below, he discusses his favourite designers and pieces, his tips for renovating your home, and why design stalwart The Conran Shop – founded by Sir Terence Conran in 1973 – continues to resonate with customers in 2019.

The Korea shop is the culmination of the last four years of work. I was brought in to reenergize the brand, which I’ve been a fan of for 40-odd years. People used to fly over the world to see what The Conran Shop was doing. We’ve got stores in Japan but it’s not as well known in China or Korea.

I used to wake up on a Saturday morning knowing I’d end up in The Conran Shop. I would also visit the London Lighting Company, which was just around the corner and was the best destination for lighting. You felt the experience soaked into your pores – it rubbed off on you. That was formative in shaping my understanding of the design world.