The Watches To Pair With Eveningwear

December 2019Words by Mr Benedict Browne

Here we go again – invitations are flooding in, the bubbly is flowing and we are engaging in our annual struggle of dressing ourselves to the nines. You may already have invested in a suitable-for-every-occasion-and-invite velvet jacket, but have you thought about a watch to pair with it?

It should go without saying, but what happens beneath your cuff is as important as the perfect knot of your bow tie or the surgically sharp lines of your lapels with grosgrain facings. A dress watch should make a statement, but should never be too loud or showy. It should be able to slide beneath the cuff of your dress shirt, if you’re wearing one, and always come on a leather strap. Horological fanatics will insist that a dress watch is a time-only timepiece, but that’s a rule from a bygone era. In other words, your watch, your rules.

So, with time still on your side, here are a few watches that will make the right kind of statement.